Between Problem & Solution

Life dictates we will experience problems.   To complicate matters the space between problem and solution can feel excruciatingly vast.

For my part, I’ve dealt with countless problems in a frantic way.  One time, I called the “computer people” around 10 pm in a raving panic because I was convinced all my files had vanished from my computer!  That poor man.  Luckily, a solution was found.  But my temper tantrum didn’t help uncover it.

This past summer, I took a road trip to San Diego.  It was excellent, until one day it wasn’t.  I was driving around town and a noise that I can only describe as a cross between violent, ear-piercing static and intense shrieking began coming from my speakers.  To add insult to injury, when I turned off the radio, the hellacious noises continued!

I decided, right then and there, to try to stay calm and honor the space between this problem and the solution I desperately wanted to find.  With this approach, I discovered more about the problem itself, including the fortunate fact that this demonic possession was intermittent.  Yet, every time it reared its ugly head and couldn’t be smothered by my actions, it took every ounce of me not to throw a fit.  I repeated the mantra, “A solution will be found” again and again

Now, I’ve been back home for a few weeks. My shrieking radio and I have yet to come to an agreement on an acceptable solution.  I’m pleased to report, however, that I’ve remained peaceful and productive despite this lack of resolution.

Yes, barring the world suddenly becoming miraculously perfect, the existence of problems will remain a constant. 

My friends, I urge you to take deep breaths and discover ways to stay calm and productive, in the often challenging space, between problem and solution.


Jason Freeman
Jason Freeman
Whenever Jason Freeman speaks to an audience, be it an intimate mastermind in North County San Diego or an assembly of 1,500 high school students in Austin, Minnesota, he is absolutely, 100% committed to bringing his speech impediment with him.  Audiences see him up on stage, against all odds, living his dream, which helps them see their dreams as closer and more attainable. Jason has a unique walk, a love for country music, a sweet tooth, a Master of Fine Arts in Poetry, a Tedx Talk, and a book he authored called Awkwardly Awesome: Embracing My Imperfect Best. His goal is to speak to millions of people in his lifetime.  He hopes to inspire them to see the best in themselves, take their next step forward, and persevere towards their dreams not only for themselves but for the health and happiness of generations to come.

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  1. Now you can share your opinions with us and start a new adventure that you will certainly find engaging.
    We are very fortunate to be able to count on Dennis’ guidance and availability of him.

    Who is not nervous about not being able to do something, or not being able to solve a problem?
    It is obvious that you need to train yourself to have a method, because only in this way do you know which are the steps to follow, precisely in moments of panic, difficulty or despair, because when you have followed the procedures, you have created within yourself that security that you it brings back serenity, lucidity and joy in solving problems.
    So we start training ourselves to use more positive phrases and words, but not when everything is fine, but just when we are in trouble and no one can help us.

  2. Very true. Essentially the distance between negativity and positivity. When endeavouring to cope with such situations it is challenging, gently closing a negative influence and gradually, very gently facilitates a solution. The issue causing problem may always be present, but dealing with it limits the negative influence and opens a door to a solution.