I admit it, I always feel like I’m a work in progress and if I could ever get to that destination in my mind, I’d have all the bases covered. I do work on it every day, it’s a socioeconomicartistichealthyprofessionalfun place, I guess the pursuit of my own holy grail. So, I was listening to a speaker the other day, he was talking about being better than yesterday and I thought that was a great concept, being better than yesterday. Like making that the actual plan, every day taking a step and striving to be better than yesterday, one foot in front of the other! That’s pretty cool…that’s my new motto, every day working on something that makes me better than I was yesterday. Three hundred and sixty five days and I could be really amazing at something!

I try not to get too passionate about these things but I am. To me, the biggest problem people have is the inability to recognize the power that they truly have within themselves. It’s a self-mastery kind of thing! Seriously, I don’t want this to sound too preachy because I do have a habit of thinking out loud and at the same time when I do, it’s really mostly aimed at myself but I feel it’s universal because we are all very similar beings on this planet. Maybe its an affirmation of the path I’m already on or the steps I’ve chosen to take. However, that being said, we are literally our own custodian, and if we step outside ourselves and take a hard honest look as in from the outside looking in. Most of the time, you can really discover what to work on as if sub-consciously you don’t already know. And that’s what makes life fun, the idea of, wow, this is my own personal project. What can I really accomplish? What can I really do? The answer is simple, the sky is the limit!!

Here’s the last thought, I’ll tell you right now, if you read in the direction of your passion alone as a practice or habit, you will be an expert in short order. Or you read in the direction of which you are employed, you’ll find yourself starting to be more utilized within your company!

Here’s a start…Check these links out!