Employee peace of mind and productivity are two of the most important, yet unfortunately intangible, things a business owner needs to worry about. There are a lot of different factors that go into these, but one of the most important is the place where they work. Before you take a loan out to install a Google-style slide in your office, here are some smaller, but effective tweaks to consider…

Cut the Clutter

This is one of the most simple and obvious tips out there, but it’s still important enough to list. When your employees are working at clear, clutter-free desks, it will help a lot with organisation and productivity. Obviously, you don’t want to be a draconian boss, prowling around and telling people precisely how they should keep their desks. However, you can encourage more scanning and electronic sharing, working towards an office where paper is less necessary. As a manager, you can set an example by starting with your own desk, including the files on your computer. You’ll save a lot of time by developing a good system and sticking to it, rather than poring over masses of files looking for the one you want.

Let There be Light!

According to this article on Psychology Today, letting natural light into the office can improve workplace energy, productivity and creativity. It can even get customers to spend more time in retail outlets, too. Obviously, it may not be in the budget for you to install a panel of new skylights. However, you can still work with the light you already have. Make sure the windows are cleaned regularly, and re-arrange desks so that as many of them are in view of a window as possible. Installing a few mirrors and reflective artwork can also be a smart move.

Use Colour

You may think that the colours in your office is a negligible detail, but it’s been proven time and time again that it can have a big impact on people’s productivity in a professional environment. Preferences aside, certain colours affect people’s psychology in a universal way. Yellow inspires creativity, and blue encourages logic. Bright, saturated colours will stimulate the mind, whereas dulled ones will soothe it. If you can’t accommodate a full paint job, a few pieces of furniture from a vendor like Planscape can help you create a more vibrant working environment. Changing the colour scheme can have an amazing impact on productivity, so give it a try!

Bring the Outside Inside

Another great way to lift your workforce’s mood and create a more productive workplace is using some potted plants as part of your décor. This change is not only affordable and quick, but can have a massive impact on overall workplace productivity. Studies have shown that being around plants helps with our cognitive attention and efficiency. Furthermore, when you have a few plants in the office, it will filter the air and clear mold and bacteria, which will decrease the chances of your employees getting sick, taking days off, or spreading illness around the office.

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