Best Practices For Property Website Videos

The visual capabilities of the web keeps getting more and more complex: Interactive Street View maps, 3D graphics and, of course, videos galore, but online videos aren’t just for cat aficionados and GoPro showoffs;

Video has also become a central eCommerce tool. Often, the online descriptions of everyday items such as shoes and tennis racquets are accompanied by short videos that highlight details of the product. People have come expect video as an integral part of their online shopping experience.

Hospitality properties, too, should use online video to market themselves. In one sense, this is a no-brainer. Potential guests want to see how a property looks—and what a property offers—before they book. Video conveys the nuances that make your property great. The medium provides a dynamic way to communicate your property’s je ne sais quoi, as the French say.

via Best Practices For Property Website Videos. – Sunday, 19th October 2014 at 4Hoteliers.

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