Best Automotive Business Tools For Car Dealerships

Automotive business tools are mainly softwares that help with office tasks such as calculations, car inventory, data management, billing, and authorizing reports for clients. These tools can also be used by car dealers to track cars, do auto repairs, issue receipts, and store information among other things.

To be successful in the automotive business, car dealers should consider adding a Business Development Center (BDC) to their marketing system. BDC is a telemarketing department that is responsible for making outbound phone calls to prospective customers and also handles inbound calls for sales appointments. The idea behind this is to hire an automotive BDC manager with good telephone skills, give them proper scripts and watch the money roll in thanks to a profitable venture.

Before launching into the primary automotive business tools, consider that an infographic is a crucial element in convincing a customer to purchase your product. Dealers should make an infographic for their customers; this is a good marketing strategy which is aimed at educating your customers and not just selling to them. Infographics allow you to connect with your target audience and build a relationship with them.

Why Do You Need Automotive Business Tools As A Car Dealer?

Some of the advantages you can enjoy by using automotive business tools for car dealerships include the following:

  • Assist dealerships in marketing their business and inventory.
  • Provide automotive features that are industry-specific.
  • Create dealership websites, post images, and capture leads.
  • Provide tools for managing car dealership features such as vehicle inventory, customer authorization, and sales floor assistance.

This way, functional business tools specially designed for this industry could help drive out bad sales, improve marketing efforts, assist with customer management, and boost profits.

14 Best Automotive Business Tools For Car Dealership

No matter the software a car dealer uses to boost his business, the tool will fall into one of these four categories: Customer Relationship Management, Website Building Software, Inventory Management Software, and Auto Dealer Marketing Software. Below are some of the best automotive business tools for a car dealership.

1. Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM is a CRM software for the Auto Dealership industry. Startups, SMEs, Agencies can all use this CRM platform. It provides features like CRM analytics, CRM and sales dashboards, contact manager and more.

2. Got CRM

This customer relationship management software is designed specifically for the Auto Dealership industry. It provides fundamental modules like CRM & Sales Reports, Email Marketing / SMS Marketing, and Lead Generation.

3. Salesforce

Salesforce is a Cloud-Based CRM platform suitable for Startups, Enterprises, and SMEs in the Auto Dealership industry. Key features include Cloud Computing, Contact Manager, CRM & Sales Reports, and more.


PACT CRM is another CRM software for dealerships in the auto industry that startups, SMEs, and agencies can use. Its main features consist of Case Management, CRM & Sales Dashboards, and CRM Analytics.

5. Oracle NetSuite ERP

Oracle NetSuite ERP is a Cloud-Based CRM platform that is suitable for the Auto Dealership industry. This tool has a wide range of features such as Accounting, Asset Management, Audit Trail, and more.


Systematic websites give you a completely optimized digital dealership experience. You can tweak every aspect of your website using the most advanced mobile tech available. You can also merchandise your inventory more efficiently and make deals via the complete digital retailing resource in the industry.


FlexDealer is an all-encompassing website solution. It is ideal for any franchise or independent dealership after customization and a bit of adjustment.


Also known as DealerFire, they have been building the most influential, award-winning websites for more than ten years. They will help convey your brand’s story via an appealing, unique, and user-friendly site.

9. Frazer Software

Since 1985, they have been providing high-quality, reliable, and affordable software packages to used-car dealers  across the nation for easy management of inventory.

10. CoreLogic

If you are looking for a provider of specialized credit reporting and risk management solutions for your car dealership business, then CoreLogic is the right option for you. They have been operating successfully for over fifty years.

11. Constellation Auto

This company delivers a complete set of tools that the small-sized “Buy-Here-Pay Here” car dealers need to manage their entire business in real-time.

12. Hootsuite

The software helps to handle most of your social media marketing all in one place, from finding prospectings to serving customers.

13. Buffer

Buffer is a time management tool that helps you schedule, publish, and analyze all your posts and comments in a single place so you can cut down the time you spend on social media and focus on other things.

14. Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck gives you the best of Twitter for your business. Tweetdeck is the recommended tool when it comes to tracking, organizing, and engaging with your customers.


The top 14 automotive business tools you can use to convert more leads to sales for your business have been enumerated above. Technology can be used to improve your processes, lead generation, and efficiency significantly, allowing you to focus on selling more cars. It would be worthwhile to consider different auto dealer software to enhance your dealership’s productivity and sales.

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