BELIEVERSHIP –The Superpower Beyond Leadership


Exploring experiences and history from high-altitude to the depths, from many perspectives, the compelling challenge, in clear view, remains ignored: We have a leadership crisis and our beliefs, informing the identification and selection of leaders is based on a flawed myth. In this new, non-industrial era, prescriptive authority, our heritage, is proving harmful. People are, tired, broken, and scared. This pattern of oppression has lowered our human capacity to an alarming level, still declining, in this time of disruption and transformation, when we need to be enthusiastic, resilient, and hopeful.

Change is more rapid and more significant than at any time in history, and we are not preparing people for the journey ahead. Companies, industries, and economies are being overwhelmed, and many of them are declining and are in crisis. Some are disappearing. Intelligent, market-leading companies recognize these significant shifts and are acting to transform the future of work, shifting the focus back to the most critical component – people. Great leaders are unique individuals with a myriad of personalities, skills, and characteristics. So is each employee. Honoring each person’s unique talent is the powerful differentiator for future success, looking beyond similarities and exploring what happens when you embrace the unique gifts of each individual, unleashing their superpower.

Believership is a higher form of leadership, igniting purpose and the power of many moving in the same direction. While leadership forges a path, Believership becomes a paved road for many to travel together.

Believership is all about bringing the true self to leadership and all employees in order to create value rather than extract value, drawing out the collective effort of the team. 

Believership enables understanding throughout the company or team, and therefore harnesses and magnifies cooperative effort and sense of belonging. It addresses the doubts and challenges, through alignment of vision and mission. Believership brings a good heart, inclusion, diversity and caring to leadership. It lifts others at every level through choice rather than command. Accordingly, Believership is all about bringing the true self to leadership and all employees in order to create value rather than extract value, drawing out the collective effort of the team.  It is about authenticity, trust, empowerment, and inspiration, about sustainable growth and extraordinary performance, and it has the potential to bring joy to the team. The purpose of this book is to inspire better Leadership and swift Innovation. Meeting the chaotic challenges we face today requires big shifts in the way we organize, operate, structure, lead and manage people and teams. Establishing the experience set forward in this book, the human-based framework, will last beyond the heightened and accelerated attainment of goals and objectives. People will find meaning and happiness. It is not only what we accomplish but who we become along the journey. The only thing that gets in the way of extraordinary transformation is the belief that it can’t be done.


Mike Vacanti
Mike Vacanti
Mike believes, “It’s more than what we accomplish – it’s who we become along the journey!” His mission is to Lift Others, helping people discover their potential, embrace a growth mindset and achieve at inspired levels. Mike has transformed businesses and inspired people to perform at levels they didn’t think possible. Mike's known as a great listener and collaborative, creative problem solver. For generating speed and confidence through innovation and transformation. His current endeavors as advisor, consultant, and keynote speaker, are shifting the belief in what is possible and opening hearts to a better vision and future of business around the globe. Sharing his extensive career of invention, reinvention and highly complex business combinations, he consistently delivers on the belief that the heart of any organization is People – People drive results. Mike has released his new book, BELIEVERSHIP: The Superpower Beyond Leadership, and is the Founder of HumansFirst, a global community of positive change catalysts. Following many years in advertising and marketing, He launched early-stage start-ups & led M&A initiatives for publicly traded tech companies. Five-times he was thrust into the chaos of transformation and helped people navigate the doubt, fear, and chaos of significant change. His teams exceeded expectations, consistently beat the challenge, learned a lot and had some fun.




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