Believe in Something Greater than Ourselves

Ever feel like the odd one in your family of origin? Even in your peer group you did/do not fit? You are interested in things that most are not? Felt like you did not belong? Felt like an outsider? Wise beyond your years? As a child-related better to older adults, animals, books? Spent a lot of time alone? Nature or space grabbed your attention? Embedded with the desire to serve? People came to you for advice? You thrived and lived in a world of imagination or the dream world? Had strange memories or visions and were unsure of where they came from? Were sensitive and could not easily be in large crowds or groups of people? After socializing or presenting to a large group felt the need to ‘unplug’ or be alone?

We are all wired to believe in something greater than ourselves. This is the era of deeper consciousness and co-creation of reality. To become conscious we become mindful. Some things to ask yourself; ‘How much resentment or scars do I carry? What do I need to heal? What lessons do I need to learn?’

We all have power choices; here are some I came across and believe in:

*to not betray yourself or others

*to live with integrity and truth

*to know and live your values

*to have a spiritual world view

*to practise kindness

*to be reflective daily

*to be of service

*to empower others


*acceptance of self and others as is

*evolution is needed to journey forward

*surrender to journey forward

We have choices to make: influence or inspire? Love or fear? What are our gifts and do we accept them? What is your heart calling you to do? Access your inner wisdom, call on your spiritual guides and guardian spirits. Learn to ground yourself. DO NOT FIGHT THE PROCESS- one cannot go back; one can only move forward. When you learn about yourself, you develop the capacity to transform the lives of others.

The process of stepping forward in life is needed to the continual journey which opens up our awareness and sense of discovery giving us new truths and deeper insights. Until we work through all archetypal stages, life will force us to pay attention to any parts which need healing and transformation.

I am all about community, rituals or traditions that speak to me, friendship, family (anyone I consider as so), mentoring, guiding, the golden rule, unconditional love, abundance, alignment, desire to serve, heart-centered giving, growth-driven, spiritual and emotional intelligence, daily meditation, time in nature, and creativity are essential for me along with music. My soul is nourished by all which is my core essence. If I let one go for a bit-that body, mind, and soul alignment starts to become imbalanced.

Abundance to me is giving and receiving and it is about an exchange of time, service, items, or financial remuneration. The focus is to give with an open heart and know that it comes back to me whether by that specific person or some other way. Unconditional love is part of this, heart-centered care, and assisting with the evolution of humans on Earth. We are spiritual and energetic beings having a human experience.

Living from a place of emotional and spiritual intelligence, vibrating at a higher energy level, and merging with my higher self means: I am one with nature/universe, I live my life with honesty, integrity, sincerity, and humility. I believe in the wisdom of life, give without expecting a reply or something back, but know I will receive. I live in gratitude and love. Imagination and creativity are important. When I have the financial means I use them for good. Unconditional love for self and others, teaching or mentoring comes naturally to me. I believe bettering myself through learning is vital, having more clarity, increased compassion, accept myself as is, do not force my life. I do not betray myself anymore-do not compromise my integrity, and I believe in goodness and grace.

Visualization assists with all this as does mindset. It is about choices. What speaks to us, intuition, guidance, higher self. If we were to name this process it is the Hero’s Journey, Your Invisible Power, Your Higher Potential, Your Spiritual Ascension, or Spiritual Awakening. Do you listen though? Are you willing to go there?

If this resonates with you, please comment below or reach out to me.


Vikki Brewster
Vikki Brewster
Vikki Brewster has a Master of Social Work degree, is a Certified End of Life Specialist, has an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Certification, and is currently in the midst of a Mindfulness Practitioner Diploma. She believes in inspiring others and being the light to encourage others to ‘journey forward’ in life. She is an author on the topics of death, dying, end of life, loss/grief, and trauma. She is a creative individual who paints, sketches, loves taking photos of nature, and enjoys daily walks outside. She appreciates the soothing sounds of classical music, binaural beats, and attends and facilitates masterminds and masterclasses on a regular basis.

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  1. Hello Vikki,
    I found your article uplifting and can agree on several points. I know that for me in my Spiritual Direction that those I give hope and encouragement to under many situations, that Faith in God as our creator is something to hold onto. My whole life is a testament to His love for me. God Bless