Being Proactive in a Changing World

Whoopi Goldberg, in the film Sister Act 2, said repeatedly, “If you want to go somewhere and you want to be somebody, you’ve got to stop and pay attention.

An intentional person is often sitting in a place of saying, “Is this reactive or proactive? If I respond this way in a text, email, social media, or in personal conversation, would I want this to be my response three or four days from now? Would I want to see my response months from now and know it came from me?”

For every opportunity which presents itself, as Intentional Spirits we are required to assess how we are showing up to ourselves and to others.

Often, as a challenge arises that feels similar to an occurrence in the past, we have a tendency to adversely affect our self-esteem by saying, “I thought I was done with this. Why am I here again?”

The truth is you were “done with it” the first time you experienced this in your past. It is over if you let it be over. In this seemingly repeat experience, you are now a newer you, both vibrationally and experientially. You are now a wiser and more evolved version of who you were the first time you experienced this challenge. If you will allow yourself—with loving discernment — to face old memories again with your newer self, you can free yourself forever.

You will approach the current seemingly similar condition with a new set of eyes. You may reframe your past and forgive yourself for doing the best you could, but you will no longer keep reliving the same event in your present-day life. You cannot relive the same experience because you are no longer the same.


One of my students was looking for a condo and was turned down or the deal almost went through a few times, and she was showing up energetically as she had in her past.

Disappointed, she stated the Divine Law wasn’t working for her (which means, of course, it was working for her by not working). I encouraged her instead to elevate herself to a new and more positive energy of what could be possible for her life now and in her current circumstances. I encouraged her to understand that she might need to set her sights higher than she would have done in the past — to look bigger even, or to look in a totally new direction than she had before. She began looking at houses rather than condos and found a house that she could afford and that she loved with a fenced-in yard almost immediately. Her daughter later told her mom that she always wanted a house so she could have a dog.

So, the quest for her new home had a fairy tale ending, after all. She energetically manifested and brought into realization the wishes and dreams for both herself and her daughter. She more positively elevated her energy and asked “bigger” than she would have in the past. She freed herself to think new and differently.

Excerpt from Being a Difference Maker: A Guide for Living Life Out Loud


Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes
Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes
Global Spiritual Leader, Author, Difference Maker. Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes grew up in South Carolina. She is an ordained Science of Mind Minister and an ordained Unity Minister. She is described as a prophet and mystic for our times and the new spiritual leader the world needs today. Temple Hayes is a Difference Maker, Spiritual Leader, Author, International Motivational Speaker, Humanitarian, Life Rights Advocate, Shamanic Practitioner, and President and Founder of life-changing non-profit organizations. Temple Hayes serves as CEO and Spiritual Leader of First Unity Spiritual Campus, a New Thought center, in St. Petersburg, Florida that transcends religious denominations, embraces all ethnicity, and reaches beyond national borders. Temple serves on the leadership team of the Association of Global New Thought. She hosts a weekly radio show for Unity Online Radio called “The Intentional Spirit.” She is the author of the following books: “The Right to Be You,” “How to Speak Unity,” “When Did You Die?” and the CD motivational series “From Good to Amazing.” She was a twice featured speaker at Carnegie Hall in 2019 for suicide prevention and awareness and the #neveralone movement. She is a featured speaker on the Mind Dive App and an acting role as the spiritual leader in the Movie “I am Never Alone” (2020) produced by Michel Pascal and featuring Deepak Chopra, Gabriella Wright, and other leading visionaries. She is passionate about life rights, gay rights, animal rights, and human rights and has created the following movements to both educate and advocate for the voiceless: Global Peace Workers; Life Rights; The SOFI Project that rescues and rehabilitates dogs and cats; and The Institute for Leadership and Lifelong Learning International. Temple is the recipient of many awards including the following: Nominated as an all American and elected to the National Softball Hall of Fame (1979); elected to Outstanding Young Women of America (1988); International Who’s Who of American Professionals (1997); National Association of Professional Women (2008); the People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards (2016); awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree of Humane Letters (2019). She is a contributing author to the inspiring book Crappy to Happy: Sacred Stories of Transformational Joy

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