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Tales Of Nightingale Lynn[su_dropcap style=”flat”]I[/su_dropcap] KNOW THIS may not be a topic of interest or belief for many, but I want to say the following on behalf of a few Saints, Bl. Mother Teresa, St. John Paul II, Mother Angelica, and many more, (that naming them would take almost all this post), and myself as a Catholic.

I never try to push my Catholic faith on any one. Everyone chooses how he or she will live their lives, they choose who they believe in or they choose not to believe in anyone! That’s okay, it’s your choice, and you know what? It’s a choice given to you by the creator of this world, God almighty.

Recently, I read an article by the Washington Post from a journalist who actually is Catholic, perhaps not practicing today, but once baptized a Catholic, you are always a Catholic, and this journalist wrote once again about the Catholic abuses of priests.

You know what? Yes, we had priests that did what they did, and we had those that covered up what they did, shame on them, and God will deal with them severely, Do you think God sits up there in Heaven and smiles down approving their actions?

Scripture tells us that in Matthew 18:6

But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.[su_spacer]

God will judge those who are in the cloth and hurt the little ones as well as disregard their priestly vocation to HIM that they represent here on earth.

mother teresaBl. Mother Teresa who served the poor and was called to where she did not want to go, called by a voice that said, “I Thrust”, where she went into the streets of Calcutta India, and literally picked up the dying, the hungry, the abandoned and gave them dignity, food and companionship. For many who were going to die, they would die with dignity.

saint john paul 1St. John PauI II, one of the most influential Pope’s of all time, and close to Bl. Mother Teresa, is a story in itself, a young polish priests who escaped the Nazi’s during WWII, and yet also saved many who would have ended up in Auschwitz.

mother angelicaMother Angelica, who passed away March 27, 2016 at the age of 92, creator and founder of EWTN (Entertainment World Trinity Network), spoke often and deliberate against those who continually wanted to persecute the Catholic Faith.

billy grahamBeing a Catholic is a blessing as is any faith that believes in God who created all things, all life. As I have stated in my recent posts, we did not form out of molecules, plants, or amoebas.

I am so tired of having so many people, especially in the journalistic world attacking constantly the Catholic Faith. We are not perfect, and neither are the other areas, churches, vocations in society who have abused the children of this world.

These children and those who are victims of the abuse scandal will never be the same and neither will those who fall under the same disgusting act throughout the years under various disguises. Those in the Catholic Church scandal sued and received some form of compensation, although it will never be enough to pay for what they experienced.

Bottom line is this, there are those that constantly attack the Catholic Church, and they do so with a vendetta that they cannot let go of. The Catholic Church helps more people throughout the world and has done so for centuries and providing many charities to the needy, than any other Christian Organization. True, there are many that give and give, such as Samaritan Purse, and they are to be commended, and God will certainly reward Billy Graham and his son for such outreach.

There will always be those who think that they can hide under the guise of clothing, police officers, firefighters, preachers, pastors, doctors, and the list goes on, but they will be judged by a judge who see’s everyday what sin is poured out in this world.

I learned a long time ago as a police officer, proud to wear the uniform, and so sad when those who wore the same uniform did disgusting things, but I also learned that in this world and vocations that there are 10 % of the population who have no business doing what they do.

I am proud of my Catholic Faith and the church it was build upon, as far back as the Last Supper and what that Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist meant, and I would give my life for Christ as many martyrs who believe in God do so everyday.

They die for their faith, and their belief in God.

I have many friends who are of different faiths and when someone in their faith steps out and does something that causes a mark against religion itself, I simply look at the person, and not the place that they worship. It’s, man himself that commits sin, and it is man who will be judged.


Lynn Forrester-Pitocco
Lynn Forrester-Pitocco
LYNN is Retired from Law Enforcement as a Police Officer, with a background in nursing and previously a member of the Search and Rescue Team with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, A retired member of the Orange Police Department, she became the first female SWAT member on an elite team while becoming a member of the Olympic Shooting Team during the early years on the department. A mother and a grandmother, a devout Catholic who currently resides in Houston, Texas. Her hobbies include writing, painting, and a contemplative prayer life. She is in love with her faith, but the love she carries for her two grown children and grandchildren who rest in her heart surpasses everything except her faith in God. Since retirement, Lynn has done private investigation, worked as a gang counselor with middle schools, A member of Bl. Mother Teresa’s Order called the (Lay Missionaries of Charity), she is also a pro-life advocate, often called upon to give testimony and speak to youth groups, as well as adult forums. She has published a children’s book entitled “The Children’s Garden” and is currently working on two additional children’s books. She is currently working on the major one focused on her experience in Law Enforcement entitled “Heels and a Badge”. (copyright). Her paintings and sketches, writings, can be viewed on her Pinterest boards (click on the Pinterest ICON below). Her dream is to one-day write a movie for Hallmark. Dreams do come true … See Lynn’s entire collection of thought-provoking Articles by clicking on her byline. Lynn is a contributing author to the inspiring book Chaos to Clarity: Sacred Stories of Transformational Change.

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  1. Lynn, this touches me. It doesn’t matter what religion anyone is. God holds every person accountable for their actions. You’re right in every sentence you wrote. As I read I remembered this verse and went to look it up so I could share it and support your article. Luke 16:15 says Jesus said to them, “You make yourselves look good in front of people. But God knows what is really in your hearts.” I was looking through a list of possible movies to see and one of them was titled Spotlight. It’s all about priests to abused boys. Why on Earth would anyone want to see a movie that is about those atrocities and abuse by anyone? I don’t get it. I believe if I purposely immerse myself in filth, I will emerge in filth. Your final analysis needs to be repeated. “It’s, man himself that commits sin, and it is man who will be judged.” We don’t have to judge anyone. Our judgment would be nothing compared to judgment by God himself.

  2. I agree with you Lynn. The media in our society has for the most part are quick to condemn an entire institution and its members (especially organized religion and law enforcement) for the despicable and horrible acts of the few.

    I firmly believe that the secular folks in the media only broadcast the news through their secular and bias lens. They do the devil’s bidding in destroying instituitions that hold our society together. I am sure that they will receive their just kudos in Hell.