Behind Closed Doors

There are JUST some situations, some things, some human interactions, some group and organizational dynamics in life that you CANNOT know to exist until you actually experience them in the confines of “Behind Closed Doors!”

It’s the literal “close-up view” that brings the awareness and understanding of the matter – the human matter! There is no way to “see it” until you are “in it!”

You were not fooled. You are not dumb. You did not miss it! There was no way to see it before you were on the inside of it.

And the absolute craziness of it all is that the same two, three, four, or more people in the same situation can literally ALL describe the same situation the EXACT opposite way! How insane is THAT dynamic? Talk about making us all feel cray, cray!

But Here is the Deal: You’ve lived YOUR hell and YOUR truth! Don’t ever for one minute discount your hell and your truth for someone else’s manipulation and narrative.

Rather, go pay for your own professional therapy before you believe someone else’s crazy narrative about YOU!

However long you’ve spent inside it: you could NOT have known before it all happened to you what the real truth/ hell was/ is! Your TRUTH is your truth.

If you are wrong, you get to correct it all later on. You get to live with it! Own it and deal with it now the best way you are capable of dealing with it all! Guess What? You are still living it and you are STILL not crazy!

Give yourself great mercy in this context: “Behind Closed Doors!”

Even then, you cannot even begin to imagine how you could possibly explain all of it to others. Heck, you don’t even fully understand all of “it” yourself!

For truly, “all of it” is just beyond what the human mind can even begin to explain to the sane minds of the world!

And, then there is the factor that you are SURE no one would even believe you if you tried to explain what you’ve witnessed, experienced, and deeply lamented about in your soul!

Can I just say to you? MOVE ON!

Move on with your purpose in life.

Move on with your abundant love for life.

Move on without trying to explain the obvious to others who will not, cannot, and absolutely are incapable of ever understanding! Move On!

Move on in joy.

Move on in peace.

Move on in your divine purpose in life.

Move on in knowing you are not the God of the Universe.

You cannot fix every dynamic that your soul desperately desires to remedy.

Be as kind to YOU as you are to others. Move on!

Life is too brief, too precious, and too remarkable to try to keep explaining the same dynamics, the same needs, the same precious truths to others who drag your goodness around the endless bend of craziness, manipulativeness, and self-serving brokenness!

Stop and choose to Move On!

Please stop before you completely lose yourself and your healthy mind, heart, and soul!

Everything that ENDS is NOT quitting. There are absolutely NECESSARY endings in this life. Ask Dr. Henry Cloud. There are some principles of truth supporting Necessary Endings.

When you’ve done ALL you know to do in truth and principles, kill the misery and destruction. Kill it by choice!

It doesn’t matter ANYMORE what others chirp, repeat to others, and say over and again! Press “IGNORE!”

Principles of Truth never fail. Never. Ever!

HINT: Gravity is undefeated! It is a prime Principle of Truth! If you jump…. you ARE coming down!

Stop the mindlessness and honor principles of life, and love, and relationships! Honor Principles and Truth! Principles NEVER fail. Never.

Stop. And Move On!

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Devaney Rae
Devaney Rae
Devaney’s professional background includes professional Business Development, Leadership, and Life on Purpose Coaching, along with Instructional Design Technology consulting for Training & Presentation Design. Devaney also provides professional consulting within Organizational/ Performance Management for business owners and decision-makers. Devaney also established Life On Purpose with Devaney Rae in early 2018 as a way to connect with others who want to Get From Where You Are Now To Where You Want to Be. This effort connects people with professional coaching and a variety of resources to establish business growth that includes learning to create and manage multiple streams of income. Devaney works one-on-one and in small groups with people to create their own Life Purpose Plan and to develop the correct Business Strategy for Growth. Then, she helps them bring the plan to life so each one can step into their ownMORE! She has enjoyed a successful career in Healthcare Administration, Chemical Manufacturing, Retail Sales, Marketing, and within the Non-Profit Business sectors. Devaney earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Walden University and her Master’s degree in Instructional Design Technology for Professional Trainers from New York Institute of Technology. She also earned a degree in Dental Hygiene with license to practice in Texas and Louisiana. Devaney is a published author of the book, Countless Joys: The Place Beyond Tears (Westbow Press, 2015). The content is her story about how ordinary people are called to do “the extraordinary” in life. She has a passion for impacting others with life-giving hope, joy, and peace. Devaney established a non-profit organization, Countless Joys, Inc. in 2015. The mission of Countless Joys, Inc. is to Touch the Lives of Others with Joy. The specific focus is on Interrupting Human Trafficking of children and teenagers. Altogether, giving back to others is Devaney’s personal life mission and joy. Devaney makes her home in Franklin, Tennessee.

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  1. This is powerful. Thank you for articulating that we must do what we know is right. People who look on your life, do their looking from outside. There can never be a clear picture when there is a wall or veil between them and you.

    Honor your truth. Move on. In everything you’ve described there will be forgiveness too, even if there is no spoken word about it. When a boundary is crossed, it can be excused or it can be forgiven. Forgive and move on without the baggage that will, in fact, weigh you down.

    • Truthful comments, Jane. Thank you so much for your insight and for contributing so heartfeltly to the conversation. So many people’s lives are impacted by the phenomenon of “Behind Closed Doors!”