Beggars Need Much More than Our Money

I was visiting India. When I left the restaurant, I found myself in front of a 5-year-old beggar. I felt a lump in my throat and an overwhelming frustration. Interestingly, the root cause was not the beggars themselves, or the dishonest behavior of some of them as you might imagine. It was rather triggered by the terrible distortion of the values; which is directly correlated to the system unfairness, and the global wealth imbalance.

We were going in her mommy’s direction while she stopped me and opened her small arms asking for another hug.

Coming back to the story, I didn’t have any left exchange and noticed her mom was standing not far from us with a baby girl (probably 2 years old) in her arms. Fortunately, my friend had some left money he offered to the girl witnessing my sadness. I was so grateful, but I didn’t feel it was enough. I started talking to the girl and building a rapport; which I love doing with complete strangers. I hugged her warmly and gave her some of my big and noisy kisses. We were going in her mommy’s direction while she stopped me and opened her small arms asking for another hug.

I was beyond honored. I came down to her level and got the best hug ever. I couldn’t prevent my tears from flowing like a river. Her mom thanked me so sincerely with her body language. The baby girl was looking at me with her gorgeous sparkling eyes. She obviously deserved the same treatment as her old sister. The mom’s facial expression was indescribable. She didn’t need to say a word. This made my heart melt…

When my friend and I were about to go, I said bye. The baby girl extended her begging hand on an auto-pilot mode. Her mom immediately reacted and asked her to say bye! I had a blast.

There are so many things I ignore, so many I will probably never know, so many I will always have some doubt about! But what I know for sure is my being and the power of our energy & free acts of kindness in uplifting and inspiring people around us, and in building trust in the long run.

More to the point, we were born in different environments we never chose in the first place — some way less privileged than others. Beggars didn’t ask for spending their whole life in survival mode. For the vast majority of them, they weren’t even given any access to knowledge, so that they might see there is much more than what they know. Given the opportunity, they could even choose to take their power back… This is some injustice making me wonder and feel lost every time I start thinking about it.

In the absence of any radical and global solution to change their miserable reality, can we treat beggars with dignity instead of second-class individuals? Can we stop for a moment, and instead of judging them and getting annoyed, provide them with some genuine love; which could make their day? I’m pretty sure this is how all kind-hearted folks would want to be remembered.

With love, Myriam


Myriam Ben Salem
Myriam Ben Salem
I am deeply passionate about everything life has to offer. Writing has been my very favorite means to educate my audience, captivate their attention, talk to their emotions, and make them relate and take action. I have been honored by working as a columnist for BIZCATALYST 360°, an Award-Winning life, culture, and biz new media digest, serving as the global hub for enhanced performance and well-being, during 2020. Also, I am a contributing author in Mayhem to Miracles: True Stories of Courage, Triumph, and Peace. I am so in love with writing that I have a peaceful smile drawn on my face whenever I start visualizing the books I will be writing for whoever will be tempted to discover an inclusive philosophy breaking with all the stigmas! I was born in Tunisia, a small country in North Africa. I did pretty much everything earlier than the average: walking, talking, singing, dancing. Promoted throughout my entire education, I was also the leader of every end-of-year party. At some point, after working several years for multinational companies as an engineer, team leader, project coordinator, and product owner while always being a top performer, I figured out I was feeling miserable despite the 'perfect external image'. That marked the starting point of an existential crisis followed by an episode that triggered my re-birth and the beginning of the most rewarding adventure of my whole existence: re-writing my subconscious program and reconnecting with my true self. I was saved at the last moment through an out-of-body experience making me see all the lies, realize this gigantic Universe was not revolving around me. Most importantly, I was able to visualize I was here to leave a legacy like all of you, no matter how big or small! The butterfly took time to emerge though. Today, I identify myself as a Universal Citizen. Like-minded and light-hearted people are what I call home. I am deeply passionate about everything life has to offer, and was granted the edutainer qualifier: a combination between education and entertainment! I educate on the importance of healing unsuspected traumas, seeing our limiting beliefs and biases with honest lenses, finding one's purpose and a principled mission that goes beyond the self, and unleashing the hidden potential so that to leave our legacy for the generations unborn. I have been using a panoply of means that could vary from explicit ones such as mentorship, speaking, and writing, a skill that emerged naturally during my self-actualization process to implicit mediums like storytelling, how I daily show up in the world and model servant leadership! Writing is my very favorite and most preferred tool deployed for my mission. The topics I explore are in the nexus of stoic philosophy, psychology, neuroplasticity, epigenetics, and pretty much any topic involving human behavior. Common denominator? The quality of the subconscious program. You may have a look at some of my works published on my website; Set Yourself Free.

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