Before Joining a Network Marketing Company – Due Diligence Matters!

business-network-networkingI have seen this many times. But before I say anything more, I must advise that what I am about to tell you comes from my experience of more than 30 years in Network Marketing as well as an extensive two year research project focused on nearly sixty Network Marketing Companies. Beyond this, I bring my own marketing experience and the ability to determine where the best opportunities lie.

Now, the choice of Company and overall philosophy are a product of all that you have been exposed. That is based on what has been made available to you. Can you understand that this has limits, regardless of intentions?

I do not know what is available in your country in the way of Network Marketing products but, based on the facts, where is the greatest market? This can be determined by looking specifically at the products that you can get involved with and then simply look at the products themselves. This next part is going to be long but we have to get through it.

Look at the population around you. There are males and females, There are several age groups starting at teens, 20’s to 30’s, 40’s, 50’s to 60’s and over 70, let’s say. There are 4 or 5 different religious groups, possibly more. There are political groups. There are groups isolated from each other by geography. Let us not forget that in all these groups, there is a spectrum of income levels as well.

So, out of all of that information, compare the products / companies available to you to the people available to you and then look at what product / service would provide the largest base of Customers. Why pick something where the Customer base would be small? Too limiting.

To bring this issue home, let’s do this as an exercise. The company you are with now provides dietary supplements, let’s say. How many men of all ages would have interest enough to buy them? My guess is very few. How about age groups? Maybe 20 to 50? Single women more likely than married women. Would there be any restrictions due to religion or politics? How about geographical isolation? Personal sales will always be limited to this issue. And income level is definitely going to limit your market size.

I hope you now see how important product / service choice is as all the other facets are fixed and nothing can be done about them. Your business and its success is going to be dependent all all of these factors.

I have left the philosophical to the last as it requires the greatest attention and holds the greatest importance. Philosophy, by my experience is based on three things; religion, political view, and the sum total of all the teachers and all you have been exposed to.

I am Christian and Baha’i, for the most part. But Christianity has many different followings and colours. Have you ever noticed how humanity will perceive a group by its worst representatives? No need to change this but to succeed, how can this be used to increase sales and followability? Of this, affiliation may be the best tool

This comes from your parents and teachers. All of them. And never allow yourself to be limited to what you know now. It is what you have now but it is not all that is available or possible.

Michelle Elyn Hogan
Michelle Elyn Hogan
MICHELLE Elyn Hogan has been involved in sales and Marketing for most of her life. Network Marketing became a pastime early in her career when it was evident that her career would never reap a proper pension. So, over time, it has become her Mission to help as many people as she can, create a, “Plan B,” or, “Exit Strategy.” Over recent years, she has done extensive research to improve and reinvent her own business and in the process, maximize success rate and minimize fall off. Ethics and Integrity are all encompassing. She has recently been dubbed a, “Leader of Consequence,” living up to the reputation of taking that responsibility very seriously. Though located in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, Michelle presently works daily in 43 countries as an Independent Business Owner.

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