Been a Friend to Me

Friends come to us
From tiny spaces
And loopholes
We may never have ventured to
If it hadn’t been for the invite. 

Length and age
May come to pass,
Yet for that
Brief moment
Someone gathered
Around a warm glowing fire
To keep us snug
And wanted.

Just to make it
Through one more day.

For some friends need more
To lean on than others.

Some may have had roots
Torn and severed
Beyond a span of grief.

Having you as a friend 
Has brought about relief.

So thank you to those
Who have been a friend to me.

Friends ~ they are the glue to my existence. I am who I am because of all of them. They’ve kept me moving forward with an umbrella to protect me from the rain. They’ve been there to listen when my life was tragic and insane. They’re the balance to the beam and the guiding light within. I love it when a spark ignites for new friendships to begin. I hope the friends I’ve made will stick with me to the end.

Cindy J. Buechler
Cindy J. Buechlerhttps://creativejeanblossoming.wordpress.com/
My Poetry, Photography, and Journals hold treasure from grade school to high school to adult school, which I'm still attending ... just waiting for the final grade. Each layer of life reveals a new truth and with age, it becomes apparent that time is my greatest rival. My hope is to reflect with words and pictures that offer comfort, insight, and wisdom for a life well-lived with peace and tranquility in the end.


  1. Dear Cindy,

    The sensitive way you describe friendships; genuine friendships, where there is no discussion requiring give or take, but pure empathy. Real, genuine friends are not always easy to accomplish because friendship is mutuality; words are not demanded, but rapport a natural phenomenon. I agree with you so much, Cindy, friendship has a value far above any other human element. Friends are friends when anything and everything can be discussed without fear of scoring points on either side. Friends are kind, can provide useful comments that are honestly delivered, benefitting a friend.

    A number of genuine friends where genuine empathy is a wonderfully natural and supportive nature, are people I have never met in person. Linkedin Friends and also Linkedin connections who are also Featured Contributors. I value so much the frequent exchanges of such valued friends. And I never take them for granted.

    Thank you so much for sharing your poem and an description of friendship.

    Championing Positivity, Empathy and Kindness

    • Simon, your words bring tears to my eyes because you truly understand what I tried to express between the lines. I have been through many trials and endured with magnificent triumph because of friends – some that I had only recently met. They saw something in me that I couldn’t see in myself – that’s how lost and bewildered I was. So, you made it to the root and I thank you for reminding me how valuable an understanding friend can be.

  2. Thank you, Cindy, for such a beautiful and meaningful poem.

    Yes, I do believe that true friendship is the single most beautiful thing in life.

    True friendship is such a rarity that it must be treasured. And while it can be resilient, it is not indestructible.

    “The only way to have a friend is to be one.”—Ralph Waldo Emerson