Becoming an Author: Typing Your First Lines

The biggest problem most writers have after getting an idea or an urge to write is the blank page in front of them.

Even me.

After writing an outline for this, I wrote the words ‘getting started’ and my brain had to stop and think for a second or two.  Having said that, the blank page seldom fazes me (thankfully).

These posts aim to get you started and help you through:

  • that initial tickle of inspiration, to putting words onto a piece of paper
  • to finally know how to get to the finish line – and get it published
  • oh, and help you to promote it too

As a writer, you will often:

  • find yourself trying to figure out how to get those first few words out
  • look at other author’s books and feel inferior
  • be afraid of rejection from professionals as well as your family and friends
  • feel as though you’ll never be as good as other authors
  • think you’ll never be among the ranks of the Booker Prize Winners
  • be too embarrassed to let anyone read your work

But if you don’t get started on finishing your own masterpiece, you’ll never know what you are capable of.

Ask yourself, “Have I got a controversial tale to tell?” 

That is what you need to begin any kind of story.  Nearly all good stories are written with a purpose and that purpose is to,

Overcome or expose a disagreement or debate

Choosing to read this has helped to nudge you into making a decision.  You’ve finally realized that nothing will stop you from writing.  Here, the aim is to help you on the journey to becoming an author.  Yes, once you have written and published at least one book, you are perfectly entitled to call yourself an author.

Whatever you decide to write, either a fictional romance novel or a fact-filled ‘how-to’ book or a non-fiction memoir, I will help you get started – and finished.

All the best …

Kaye Bewley
Kaye Bewley
KAYE Bewley assists people get the best out of their life. After 30+ years in the media, marketing and military fields, she turned to psychology and spirituality. In combining the knowledge, skills and experience gathered from these areas she assists people get their own book in them, out. She also contributes to various local, national and international print and online magazines on a range of topics that include psychology, spirituality to gender in the workplace.


  1. Thank you for this, Kaye. I appreciate your insights. As always, I remind myself that when writer’s block visits me, I will sit in front of that blank slate and ready myself for the seed which is being sowed.💖

  2. Kaye, thank you for providing these extremely valuable tips to aspiring authors. Offering assistance to those who need is very kind of you. This kind of kindness is still in short supply these days. Stay safe and be well.



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