Becoming an Author: Passion. Meaning. Reason.

When you find the “Why?” you want to be an author, you find the passion in it. In the passion, you begin to understand the meaning for it.  Once you have the meaning, you will know the reason for it.  Once you have the reason, you will be able to focus on it.

So, at the top of the blank page you have before you, write:

“Why do I want to write about this?”

For as many potential authors there are in the world, there will be as many answers.  For this reason, I won’t go into too much detail about them but I will say this, don’t give the following answer:

“Because I want to write.”

That’s not good enough.

Because you want to write, is not going to make a reader want to read.  Yes, you read right.  I always tell people to do the opposite – write for you, not the reader.  So, why did I just contradict myself?

The core reason why you want to write for you and not your reader, is so that innate enthusiasm carries you through to the end of it.  However, once you’ve made the decision to write on a topic that interests you, that topic needs to be of interest to everyone else.

This is why you need to find the passion, the meaning, and the reason for writing.  The answer to why you want to write the tale is opposite to the reason why you want to write to begin with.

It should not be in the list of answers that make you happy, like: “I want to write for me!” but in the tale that you want to tell that makes others happy.

“I want to write on this particular topic because:

  • the world will be a better place because of it.”
  • so cancer sufferers can gain hope from it.”
  • women/men can learn from the character’s mistakes.”
  • it will help me exorcise my own demons.”

Remember that as long as you write for you, you won’t be disappointed if sales are not forthcoming on the topic that you write about.  But you will be happy that you have actually written and published something that’s dear to your heart.

It’s a bit like actors who know their craft.  When actors act for the audience, for the way they think they should portray a person, they are not believable.  Somehow the audience doesn’t connect to them.  But when they ‘simply be’, they become the person they are emanating and magnificent and the audience is enthralled.


Meryl Streep.

Love her or hate her, there’s a reason why she gets all those golden awards.

She knows the passion inside the character, the meaning behind the story and the reason it needs to be told.  Incidentally, she knows she wouldn’t be able to do her part without writers doing their part!

All the best,

Kaye Bewley

EXTRACT from: How to be an Author – Vol.1: Writing Your Writing 

Kaye Bewley
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