Becoming an Author: Advice from a Mentor

While you are on the first steps towards creating your book, you need to take some valuable advice from a mentor.

The time to ask what people think of your story is when you’ve finished but, before you begin and while you go through the writing process, it is good to be aware of other writers’ writing styles and use those wise, knowledgeable, and learned people as mentors.

If you don’t have anyone to hand immediately, one way to do this is to pick a book you love and figure out what you love about it.  What is it about it that you find engaging, entertaining, thrilling, or fun?  Find out what it is and get inspiration from that.

Pick a paragraph in that book and be inspired.  What is it that the author has written?  How has the author written it?  I advise you not to copy their work, but you can allow the structure and style of their words to inspire you. Focus on a paragraph in the book and think of the event, the people, and the location. Allow those words to help prompt your imagination to create an event, characters, and place of your own.

Another way to find a mentor is to build up a social media following on your own social media platform in a specific area.  You’ll be able to find folk who are amiable and it easy to ask for advice.  Those who are helpful, friendly people in Groups will pop their heads up and you can ask them.  Remember to always say thank you and give them a ‘shout out’ on your own platform.

There’s always a third option.  To pay for a professional.  This might seem a little extravagant but, in the end, you’ll find that you have the ability to not only create something great but be inspired with the confidence you need to get out into the big wide world and promote it.

All the best,

Kaye Bewley

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Kaye Bewley
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