Beauty … WOW!!

Wikipedia  explains:

Beauty is commonly described as a feature of objects that makes these objects pleasurable to perceive. Such objects include landscapes, sunsets, humans, and works of art. Beauty, together with art and taste, is the main subject of aesthetics, one of the major branches of philosophy. As a positive aesthetic value, it is contrasted with ugliness as its negative counterpart. Along with truth and goodness, it is one of the transcendentals, which are often considered the three fundamental concepts of human understanding.

Mirriam-Webster Dictionary explains Beauty:

It is the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit.

… but then…What really is beauty?

Beauty cannot be measured on a scientific scale, and yet we know it when we see it.

Is it just an expression?

Is it how we appear to others?

How we feel about ourselves?

Or does beauty live on the inside?

Why is beauty important in life?

Beauty isn’t just superficial and is actually a key part of how we understand and interact with the world around us.

Beauty infuses our inner life and helps us form relationships with our environment, from food to landscape to art, and even with each other.

What does beauty do?

What is its effect?

Imagine all of us living in peace, it’s too beautiful to just be a dream.

~ John Lennon

Does it make us admire something or does it make us attracted to something?

“I believe that real beauty is acceptance of yourself, perceived flaws and all, and to realize that they are a part of what makes you, you. It’s a radiance of spirit, having character, kindness to ourselves and to others, it’s strength and self-confidence to know that with or without makeup the real beauty is you.” (Segun Garuba-Okelarin)

Ponderings: ……….

Perhaps – Beauty is an attitude.

Perhaps – Beauty is the opposite of perfection – it is about confidence, charisma, and character.”

Beauty that is seen through the eyes is sensual…

Because it is the eyes that register the object and the mind helps to categorize it.

Beauty felt by the heart is an experience…

And it is the heart that influences the mind on this matter.

Beauty experienced by the soul is altogether different, – is not a perception.

It is a connection with the core of our being that recognizes itself in everything in nature … the recognition of the beauty of the Creator through the beauty of Creation.

There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.

~ Mandy Hale

Well…  What does beauty mean to you? 


Jonathan Solomon
Jonathan Solomon
JONATHAN is a Finnish citizen of Indian origin and in the early 70’s was one of the very few “foreigners” to be granted a full construction license in Finland. Concentrating solely on the upper market and by identifying very talented architects he not only built exclusive homes in one of Europe’s most difficult countries, but also designed and crafted unique bespoke furniture specifically suited for these homes. He has been involved in various projects in over 20 countries. He is the Executive Trustee of an American Foundation involved in humanitarian projects. He brings his international experience and cultural understanding to create new exciting design solutions to satisfy even the most discerning Client. His clients include celebrities, VIP from the various segments of society and from the hospitality industry. He has managed an international interior design studio responsible for both residential and corporate projects and implemented numerous furniture procurement contracts.

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  1. Interesting. The subject would require many reflections.
    What we learn daily from experience is that beauty in today’s society matters and most of the time it is also decisive. In fact, it happens more and more often that those who most faithfully represent the aesthetic standards imposed by our society are certainly more advantaged in being able to create bonds and build relationships, even in the world of work.
    But in the end, what pleases us to others is a series of characteristics that affect the personality: values, attitude, attention, our way of doing, etc. The true value of people is always in their essence, their values and their way of treating others. It is in our behavior, in everything that shapes our personality. We must be convinced that what matters is within us.

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