Be The Change

All things in life take time to develop and to grow. The process is usually slow, sometimes unnerving and it takes a lot of nurturing and patience. Just as everything in our life is a growing, learning, building, adjusting, and sometimes uncomfortable process.

The butterfly is a perfect example of its cycle of life. It goes through its stages in life from a caterpillar to a hard shell cocoon before finally emerging to become something so very beautiful, pleasing, and calming to the soul. Just as the caterpillar, so shall we become as beautiful in time as we plow through the stages of our life.

Do not try to rush anything in life but have the patience to wait for the blessings and the beauty that is in store for you as you grow.

Be the change that is meant to be, that will share your beauty in the life you live.


Charlie Walker
Charlie Walker
At a young age, I worked as a structural steel welder walking red iron. Later I moved into the Telecom, Technology, and Physical Security Industry for the last 35 years as a Sr. Design Engineer, Network Engineer, Director, Operations Manager, and Technical Writer. My desires have always been with electronics, designing, CAD Drawings, and Technical writing. My true passion is the outdoors, hiking, backpacking, camping, fishing, photographing nature, and sharing it with others. I am an avid outdoorsman, fly fishing guide, with a deep passion to write about my adventures. I enjoy writing inspirational quotes, articles on the history of creeks I fish, fly fishing conservation, and short stories along with a bit of poetry. As a child, I listened to old men in the General Stores telling stories of the past and their adventures. Some were real and some were as real as the imagination in their minds. Each day, I would run up there to listen to one of their adventures and would sit on the edge of my seat as if I were there, yearning for more. These growing up years led me to my own storytelling and eventually writing about my own adventures. Taking people to places and having them visualize things that they may have never seen. Telling tales that take them back to their own youth and adventures. Bringing stories that will warm the heart, educate them on the history of an area and bring a positive attitude to their lives. My desire as a writer is to open the minds of others that will enjoy the stories that are only limited by my imagination, but will bring a bit of peace, comfort, and harmony to the world. To leave them hanging on the edge and waiting for that next adventure, positive attitude, or story to warm the heart.

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  1. There is a way to make any kind of change positive: knowing how to adapt. In fact, adaptability is said to be the key to the success of any type of change, from work, to lifestyle, to social.
    Knowing how to adapt to changes is one of those qualities that can and must be cultivated because not only does it teach us “the new rules” of the game, but it gives us the enthusiasm necessary to carry out a new project.
    Cultivating patience promotes change: patience reminds us that things unfold at their own pace. success, personal fulfillment, require continuous commitment and perseverance, but we cannot decide how and when everything will produce the desired effect, because time must be respected and patience is a virtue that we risk forgetting today.