Be The Change!

–Embrace Failure – Immobilize Fear – Enhance Fulfillment

You must be the change you want to see in the world.

My most favourite and meaningful quote from Gandhi.

How will you manage change and adversity when it is presented to you? Begin your path to a more fulfilling life experience with a discovery session and create a future of your choice by working in the present. Change begins in the mind! Change can be exciting and fun! How can I help?

Life presents opportunities for growth by introducing change into our lives. Opportunities may show up as challenges, problems, or adversities. We may “perceive” these changes as problems with no viable solutions and overlook the opportunities for growth. We seek solutions from external sources, such as other people or a change of environment. By doing so we give away our power, fall into victimhood, and play a blame game by thinking if others would change, we would be happy. If we had a different job, different spouse, or lived somewhere else, we assume we would be happy. We give away ownership of our lives and live in a reactive state based on what is happening externally. We fear failure and the shame and guilt we think will accompany it and become stuck.

By simply shifting beliefs around failure and believing it necessary to embrace it to live an empowered life, we open options that we may have perceived to be out of reach. Failure is critical to success.! When we fail, we create opportunities to move forward. We learn what is not working and what needs to change to make it work. We seek internally for answers and solutions, and we become the owners of our lives.

We immobilize fear and act. We own our feelings and understand fear is a normal and natural. Managing fear is a skill and with any skill, practiced regularly moves us from a conscious incompetence to an unconscious competence. Life begins to take on vibrancy. We learn to live in the moment, live in gratitude for every experience presented to us. The sky is bluer, the grass greener and we experience more genuine joy and meaning to life.

Being presented with challenges to change in my life make it possible to deeply empathize with my clients. I have also learned it requires a constant dedicated effort and open-mindedness to achieve results.

Life will happen to us, and it is more about how we manage what happens to us than trying to control what happens to us. It is about choice – our choice.

And one life truth is – the only thing that does not change in life, is the fact that everything else does.


Gail McDonald
Gail McDonald
How different would your life be if you were able to discuss your toughest challenges, deepest fears, and biggest wins in an environment of non-judgement, respect, and 100% confidence with someone who has over 18 successful years of coaching experience.Gail offers that environment to her clients and more. Your sessions are all about you – always! You are listened to with a deeper level of listening. You are challenged with relevant questions that support you to explore, in yourself, what is necessary to create sustainable change for continuous improvement. Leadership is becoming increasingly challenging in these times of intense change. Gail’s focus is to support clients in developing awareness and becoming introspective on the changes required to become an effective leader. How to be a more effective communicator, listen more effectively, manage conflict, and manage a workload that has never been experienced, pre-pandemic. As well, to negotiate with teams on the ups, downs, challenges, and benefits of the hybrid work environment. A lifelong learner Gail is radically active on social media, sharing information on leadership and personal growth. On her online talk show – The Change Zone, she also has the privilege of meeting and interviewing leaders from around the world who share their wisdom and pass on leadership and personal growth information - beneficial to anyone seeking to improve their personal or professional lives. As per Gail’s clients, here’s what to expect! “Another great session and refreshing to be able to be completely transparent with challenges I am facing professionally” ... “I like the fact that Gail lets me talk about what I'm working on and can pick up on what I say and help me break down the issues I’m having” ... “Sometimes just talking to someone is the best medicine, especially if you’re talking to someone who listens to you 100%, with no judgement. Often clients say they feel better just “saying it out loud!”

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  1. Change is the essence of our existence. Whether we like it or not, we change every moment, in the body, in thoughts, in emotions.
    More often than not, change happens, regardless of our will and often also of our awareness.
    It is the way we arrange ourselves in front of this continuous flow that is important.
    What everyone can do is not try to manipulate, control, foresee, nor hold back the flow of change, but rather try to know, understand, accept what is happening and create the conditions – lowering the defenses, the resistances, the barriers. , putting your energies at your disposal so that all of this can flow at its best – so that your deepest essence can flourish and with it you can achieve your goals.