Basic Intelligence – Why Our Teachers Are Walking Out the Door?

Our nation’s schoolteachers are notoriously underpaid, especially when we recognize the impact they have in educating and taking care of our children.

The Brookings Institute just released a study indicating that over a fourth of our teachers are leaving this year. We’ve heard the stories, many of them actually go out and buy supplies to meet the needs of our students.

I have an unusual vantage point. I’ve watched thousands of people come through our program to examine and define what they most want out of work. Just under 200 teachers have participated. Almost half of them left the profession. Most of these ex-pats loved teaching but were grinded by a system that routinely mistreated them.

But the worst of it is happening right now. When we threaten our teachers to stay in classrooms while the pandemic rages on, history will show the most talented teachers were the first ones to leave.

Our country is filled with teachers that have gone on to become successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, film producers, authors, talent development, and other ventures.

And you know what?

They ought to leave.

If they were leaving an abusive marriage, we would think nothing of it.

Bad marriages include characteristics such as emotional violence, a message that you are not worthy, dismissiveness over our basic needs, ongoing insults, and the daily threat of physical harm delivered without notice.

It is ironic. One of the messages in this bleep storm is that our kids are learning very little at home.

Several of the world’s largest tech companies already have the knowledge and resources to provide K-through graduate school education on demand and without charge.

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A Belated Happy New Year!

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