THE ETHICAL ENTREPRENEURToo often people think others will react how they believe. That others will help and support them in the way they expect. Expectations are high, and afterwards people are disappointed when the result is different than expected.

A problem in our world is that there is too much expectation. Through that, conflicts arise.

Do not expect too much from the world. We are here to give, not to take.

–Shri Radhe Maa

We always see others as difficult and sweep our own faults under the table. Click To Tweet

We lack the right attitude for gratitude and modesty and only strive to have our own goals fulfilled.

Humans really seem to be uniquely inventive.

Excuses are used to justify leaving the scene of truth without changing.

–Orrin Woodward

We find the best excuses when it comes to the topic of “trust”. When we have problems with conflicts or difficult people, we invent the best excuses. Why is it not possible to clarify these problems, discuss worries, and give our trust to others?

Indifference to problems in our world is a great obstacle for building relationships of trust. Click To Tweet

Are you indifferent?

Do you avoid conflicts?


Excuses are harmful if we want to reach out to other people. We should give people our confidence.

Trust is a matter of attitude and mindset. We should adopt this mindset.

Stop making excuses when it comes to problems and conflicts!

Spread confidence in your environment!

Trust means making an effort, not an excuse.

–Karin Sebelin

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Karin Sebelin
ENTREPRENEUR, Author, Editor, Journalist, Columnist, Coach for Writers & Entrepreneurs, Trust Expert, Brand Manager Karin has been a successful entrepreneur since 2011 – she sees trust as the foundation for happiness. She began her career as CEO of Presse-Service Karin Sebelin, and had huge success on the English platform Ecademy with blogging, engagement and collaboration. She coaches writers and entrepreneurs, and shows them how to become successful through TRUST and the right branding. Karin’s mission is teaching our world a new thinking. Her book “Trust … the only kind of influence that really matters” dispels the myth of trustworthiness. She currently writes her next book about ethical entrepreneurship. Her websites: | | |

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