Wendy Davidson

WENDY is the founder of Healthy Teams Insights, helping multicultural work groups become powerful, effective teams. I truly believe that each person possesses wild amounts of uniqueness and we’re all poorer when those gifts, talents and perspectives are hidden, undiscovered or unappreciated. My professional experience is quite varied. Starting out with a decade in leadership in non-profit, I moved to the corporate world, focusing on international relocation for executives in large international Fortune 500 corporations. I’ve had the privilege of living, working or visiting 50 countries worldwide, with extended periods of time spent in Europe, Central Asia and Southeast Asia. I really have a passion for all things international, and I love seeing healthy relationships foster to improve personal satisfaction in employees and productivity in the workplace. Above all, an overwhelming theme across my many roles was leadership and team-building. I learned a lot in that time about what a good leader looks like (and doesn’t look like) and what it takes to have a great and healthy team, especially when multiple cultures are in play. My educational background is in International/Community Development, and I hold certificates in Human Resources as well as Communicating and Negotiating with a Global Mindset. I’m a certified facilitator in Mindfulness training, as well as EQ, Driving Forces and Behaviors assessments training and debriefing.