Tuomo Vauhkonen

Trainer, Speaker & Coach. Peak Performance and High achiever's Lifestyle advocate and a Change Agent! I Coach Performers and High Achievers to optimize their lifestyle. Offering improvements in the areas of Mental Clarity, Emotional Resiliency, and Physical Mastery by building empowering Habits. Many of us feel stuck in today's over-stimulated world. We need to take back the control of our own Mind, its Focus and to create Momentum towards a More Meaningful Life that is in Alignment with our Values and Beliefs.15+Years of traveling the world, living in 8 different countries (4 continents) experiencing different cultures, people and their habits has given me a deep understanding and perspective of human behavior. The four main pillars of my Coaching philosophy are Purpose, Clarity, Resiliency, and Mastery. Watch my TEDx talk; Why lifestyle matters more than happiness? Empower & Embrace your Journey,