T. Renee' Smith

KEEPING up with the Joneses is highly overrated, that’s why T. Renee’ Smith strategically coaches her executive and small business clients on how to lead an authentic life personally and professionally. She is a bestselling author, speaker, certified coach, and business strategist. T. Renee is the CEO of iSuccess Consulting, Inc. and uses her entrepreneurial experience and expertise of more than twenty years to help her clients grow their business and increase their competitive advantage through strategy development, process improvement, brand exposure, and marketing diversification. T. Renee’ started her first business at age nineteen, on credit, with no business experience, and no plan. During her business journey she had to file business bankruptcy, close her company twice, and start all over again. More than 20 years later she has built several successful businesses in the technology, entertainment, real-estate, and marketing industry. T. Renee’ has helped small businesses secure more than $25 million in capital to scale their business. Past and present clients include Georgia Power, YMCA, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Delta Air Lines, and numerous thriving small businesses. T. Renee’ has been featured in national publications, including Cosmopolitan and Entrepreneur magazine as a modern-day business leader. Daily, she inspires more than 30,000 loyal followers across her social media platforms. Now a reformed people pleaser, ex-perfectionist, and recovered workaholic, T. Reneé uses the lessons she has learned to empower others to create harmony in their marriage, family, and business. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two sons.