The Change Zone

Susan Sneath and Gail McDonald had been facilitating in-person workshops for the same employment search service for organizations for close to 10 years prior to being locked down due to the pandemic. With workshops at a standstill, the obvious alternative was to go online. Gail proposed the idea to the coordinator of the employment search service and they jumped on board! The idea was a success with full ZOOM classes and the need for other facilitators to deliver virtual workshops was obvious. Susan’s hand shot up to volunteer for the challenge and once again we were in a training situation together, only this time it was for a virtual environment. Our ability to entertain while educating was obvious. The synergy was natural and it was obvious that Gail considered inviting Susan to join her in a podcast adventure Gail named “coaches unplugged.” Hours were spent on ZOOM, talking, joking, laughing, and recording. It was during that time that Bold Brave TV reached out to Gail on LinkedIn as a result of an audio interview and video Gail had recorded months earlier to ask if she’d like to have a talk show! After debating for a couple of days considering whether to respond or not, the decision was made to “do the research and discover how authentic this offer really was.” During the conversation with the marketing director, Gail indicated she had a partner and they were working on a podcast together and were a package deal. He said that was cool and the rest is history!! And as Paul Harvey said – And now you know the rest of the story! We said YES to what’s next – and here we are!!


Lighten the Load-A Humour Attitude Works!

"In this time of wondering, worrying, wandering, and warrioring for a new sensibility about home and place in challenging times, we can use, quiet spaces to take a breather - little refuges from the intense winds of calamity, where we ponder more reflective questions." ...

C.L.E.A.R. Leadership Coaching

"Throughout the world, the pandemic exposed new and unforeseen challenges for employees in the workplace. Although some employees found the challenges exciting, most others experienced the pandemic as exhausting, and anxiety-provoking, and it affected their ability to work effectively." ...

Say Yes, Show Up & Be Present!

"When she talks about people or projects, she sees connections. Her combination of strengths is what drives her desire to connect the right people to each other and to the right projects." ...