Terry Earthwind Nichols

Terry Earthwind Nichols is a Visionary Strategist for people who are looking for ‘achievement based’ vs. ‘goals-based’ strategies for their business. Terry is an Award-Winning Profiler from his Naval Recruiting days and The Father of Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression®. When he’s not strategizing brilliant marketing plans with entrepreneurs or volunteering his expertise out on social media, he can be found doing kickass interviews, planning his next vacation, or enjoying a Maker's Mark Manhattan at his favorite restaurant in a suit he designed himself. His favorite song, you guessed it - Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top. Terry is a Service-Connected U.S. Navy Veteran. H.E. Amb. Nichols is an Ambassador for refugees US and Global with the United Refugee Green Council. He is also the co-founder along with his wife Linda Vettrus-Nichols and Chairman of Evolutionary Healer, a global transformational performance improvement company.