Teresa Young

TERESA is a musician, educator, and certified life coach with a central passion: you living your dream, for real. Because when you’re on the path that’s right for you, the journey really is the destination. Teresa’s professional experience is corporate, educational, entrepreneurial, and creative. Non-profit. For-profit. Fortune 100. Bootstrap. Her personal journey spans marriage and remarriage, GenX and millennial children, the dawn of the precious era of grandchildren, and decades of her own immense transitions and transformations. Viewing all that as developmental, and ongoing growth throughout life as a core opportunity, Teresa believes the ways we live and contribute to life keep evolving as we do. Her approach to coaching is holistic, integrating body, mind, and spirit. The point is healthy personal, creative, and professional satisfaction that she says contributes to our evolution as a species. Teresa coaches by phone. Learn more at “If you’re on the path, you’re at the goal.” — Carl Jung