Susan LePlae Miller

I am a true believer in the value of each person. We are each unique and are constantly changing with the pieces of our lives. Every person, place, and experience has an impact. As Founder of Pieces of I, my intention is to work with partners on purpose-driven projects and to empower people to follow their passion. My diverse background in supply chain, product, and partnership management has enabled me to see business from many viewpoints. Translating complex topics to help others understand is something that comes naturally. I love photography, and to write about life, business, and values. Sometimes these topics intermingle, just as they do in our day to day lives. Respect, compassion, and kindness weave throughout my stories because they are the pillars of who I am, and what matters to me. I am inspired by connection and the seemingly impossible. My inspiration comes from growing up in a large multinational family. Now as a mother of four, amazing, adult children I have the benefit of sharing the "teacher/mentor" baton with my kids, who are in return showing me a whole new aspect of the world from their viewpoint. Learning is endless, and helping others is one of the most important things we can do on this planet.