Susan Goodkind Wideman, J.D.

Susan Goodkind Wideman, J.D.
Elder Law Attorney/Entrepreneur/Midlife Mentor/Founder, Goodkind of Life / From Estate Planning to State of Mind Planning. In May of 2002, I founded my Elder Law & Estate Planning law firm, The Wideman Law Center, P.C. In August of 2013, the firm was renamed Wideman Filizetti P.C. The focus of my law practice was to provide compassionate and high-quality legal services to my clients, their loved ones and my community. Seventeen years later, drawing on my legal knowledge, professional training, personal experiences, lessons learned from my clients, and my education in the school of life, I have founded Goodkind of Life; a startup focused on State of Mind Planning. Goodkind of Life provides information, inspiration and ideas for a midlife without strife, through social media, print publications, blogging, podcasting, mentoring and transformational coaching.
Note to readers:  I am not a pyromaniac.  This story is full of metaphors. Last year my house burned to the ground.  I set the fire several years ago and it got out of control.  I didn’t realize how...
A year ago, I was a "successful" attorney with my own law firm and a six-figure income. Four months ago, I was a patient in a psychiatric unit suffering from debilitating anxiety and depression. Today, at 62 years young,...
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