Stephanie Rottet

Stéphanie Rottet is known as the Breakthrough Specialist and Legacy Strategist to the successful Entrepreneurs who are yearning to make yet a bigger impact and leave a world-transforming legacy behind. Using her remarkable gift of reuniting the Light and the Dark (our Ultimate Calling with the Material world; and Love and Spirituality with Business), she leads the influencers of this world to profound, practical shifts and concrete results for a higher impact and greater personal fulfillment. World’s #1 Wealth Coach, JT Foxx, was impressed: “You actually make me look bad because you’re that good!” Bringing 30 years of experience, studies and researches in both the business and the spiritual world, Stéphanie is a living example and a leading authority on building a global business while enjoying a rich, harmonious Life AND serving the Greater Purpose. As a Spiritual Mentor and International Speaker, she’s shared the stage with some of the most successful world shakers, celebrities, and business and wealth experts of our time, inspiring thousands of entrepreneurs from 38 countries around the world. Director of the World INLIGHT Partners movement, today Stéphanie and a whole army of INLIGHTened Entrepreneurs -THE LOVE ARMY™- are uplifting the world with the good news that THERE IS another Dimension to Life and Business… and they show HOW to access this ‘New Dimension‘! Stéphanie’s commitment to Truth combined with her authentic, heartfelt yet direct and powerful mentoring style will take the members of THE LOVE ARMY’s Troops from around the world to a whole New Dimension – personally and professionally.

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