Simran Singh

SIMRAN is a globally recognized speaker and catalyst for love, compassion, and humanity. As an ‘Example’ for a New World Experience of Aliveness, she advocates for the Visionary and Mystic embodied within each person, while engaging individuals in the embrace of their darkest depths so to uncover their brilliance of Light. SIMRAN is #1 rated, archived syndicated host of Voice America’s 11:11 Talk Radio, host of 11:11 InnerViews TV, and publisher of Nautilus Award-winning 11:11 Magazine. Author of (1) IPPY and IPA Gold Award-winning Conversations With The Universe, (2) Your Journey to Enlightenment, and (3) IPPY Gold Award-winning Your Journey to Love. SIMRAN creates art, books, and online courses to bridge humanity’s experience and expression. Along with being a TEDx speaker, SIMRAN is the creator of the One-Woman Show, The Rebel Road… Connecting the Dots from What Was to What Is. In addition, SIMRAN has appeared on GAIAM TV, One Word Puja Network, CCN, and The New Thought Channel as a voice for the future. Her radio show appears on Voice America Network, DreamVisions7Radio Network along with other syndications. She has appeared as a keynote speaker at The World Congress, the United Nations, Universities, Spiritual Centers, and hundreds of venues across North America. Along with having been featured on the cover of Science of Mind, SIMRAN received the UnZipper of Reality Award.