Shelley Simmons

SHELLEY Simmons has many facets to her life. She’s a coach, leader, producer, athlete, mother and academic, among others. After devoting 17 years to the technology, innovation and entertainment sector, she reinvented her career, pursuing her passion for coaching in the health and wellness industry. As a producer in the Canadian entertainment industry, Shelley lead teams through high-pressured digital production, inspiring her team members to push their boundaries to create beautiful projects. She launched projects for broadcasters globally including Disney, Cinemax/HBO, BBC and CBC to name a few. She has amassed numerous awards and nominations including an Emmy nomination throughout this “first career.” Today, as a co-founder of Limitless Unlimited, Shelley helps her clients reach their goals and shatter their self-imposed limitations. She coaches people through physical transformations through optimal nutrition. The pivot in her career was a natural shift after the birth of her daughter. Not only did she return to her athletic physique, but she emerged from her recovery in better shape than she was going into her pregnancy. Yet, the biggest hurdle was adjusting her mindset. She had convinced herself she could never return to a high level of athleticism. She overcame that negative belief.This experience has helped her help others. Her athletic background dates back to her teens when she raced downhill skiing. In addition, she’s a certified downhill coach and instructor, she competed in rowing and played Ultimate Frisbee, touring through Canada, USA, and Europe for 12 years. Shelley holds an honours degree in Fine Arts and a Master Degree in Design (Strategic Foresight and Innovation).