Roger Martin

I’ve had the privilege of working in the team and leadership development space for over 30 years now. I see myself as a student of what works best for those who want to be at their best more often. During that time I’ve had to learn to not be the guru with a box of tricks and pre-set answers. No two circumstances and sets of people are the same, and though once a fan of cookie-cutter solutions, am now somewhat wary of them. Staying in student mode keeps my curiosity level high and focused on those nuances that have the potential to make a big difference. In 2016 I co-founded The Mindset Difference. We are a niche London-based consultancy dedicated to helping leaders be at their best, irrespective of the circumstances they face. We see ourselves as pioneers in the leadership and team development space because rather than add more knowledge and skills into leaders' busy minds, we help them subtract thinking that prevents access to those innate qualities they already have - compassion, creativity, resilience, resourcefulness, collaboration, etc. Oh, and I enjoy writing too. That’s why I’m here doing what I can to help you tap into your own innate qualities.