Richard Mayer

RICHARD MAYER, CEO, Inspiration/Design, is the principal force behind IS Creative Inc., dba Inspired Spaces. An insight that came to him in 2008 took the shape of two words… Inspired Spaces or IS in its short form. This revelation was such that ‘inspired spaces’ meant physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or any other space, with spiritual being the essence of life… the ultimate source of inspiration. Tapping into the essence via a ‘tap on the shoulder’ in 1976 by Sydney Banks, a theosopher and author, made Richard aware of WHO we are and WHY we are here. It was following an ‘awakening from within’ that life began anew for Richard. His revelation… “I’m okay” …was that point in time, a defining moment. It forever changed Richard’s appreciation of who he is and how it’s possible to experience life on a conscious plane that is infinitely broad and infinitely deep. We all have this within us, the ability to realize who are and to dream. The extent to which the dream unfolds is driven solely by one’s awareness of the essence of life and what this means, then engaging life on those terms... completely. The realm of infinity is ours to explore and enjoy!