Rajat Kapoor

His name is Rajat Kapoor- an earthling for 43 years. He shares distinct views on a range of topics such as environmental protection, climate change, human evolution, disruptive innovation, spirituality, holacracy, change management, and assertive behavior, and more. He was an FM radio show presenter in English for 5 years (2000-2004) in the national capital region of Delhi, India. In 2005, he transitioned his career path into communication/soft skills coaching that notably and remarkably lasted till April 2020. Rajat has an innate penchant for poetry. A tad of a believer- he celebrates in his poetry - the miracle of the cosmos, human existence, and the mystic message that springs from everyday common and not so common occurrences. Rajat is a simpleton and a bachelor, a poet, and a writer yet most of all, he is a liberal person at heart. He refuses to be cowed down by the baggage of history and the bitter lessons it has shed on human perception. He echoes the credo of change with his spirited LinkedIn articles, posts, and poetry. He attacks the rapidly aging shafts of bureaucracy, closed systems thinking, wall politics, racism, corporate capitalism, remorseless planetary exploitation. All of it, he believes, has wreaked indiscriminate all-round devastation and has brought the present age to a pandemic ridden standstill. Rajat is self-employed since April 2020 and is presently seeking an avocation that endeavors to remedy some of his above-mentioned priorities. He dreams of a green hat solution-based industry approach, a resilient and inclusive model of work-culture that respects diversity and personal freedom, a new management style that nullifies the hierarchy/bureaucracy through automated SAPs (holacracy), creation and networking of self-empowered and free global communities and evolution of an ecologically stable and resplendent Earth that gets enriched by giving it's bounties to Man and not be plundered like it does today. Rajat thanks you for taking the time out to read his bio-sketch.