Philip R. Goldsmith

PHIL has held senior positions in a broad spectrum of fields including law, journalism, government, banking, and human resource consulting. In his executive and leadership positions, he has helped implement significant change, while emphasizing teamwork and a shared vision. He was named as one of the area’s top “connectors” in an area survey of 5000 Philadelphians who were asked to identify leaders who connect for the common good. In 2009 he was presented the Humanitarian Award by Magee Rehabilitation Center and also recognized as Leader of the Year by the Philadelphia Committee on City Policy. Most recently, Phil has written the book "In Search of Self and Family" is available on While it is the story of his family who immigrated from Eastern Europe and the times they lived in, it could be anyone’s story. As one commentator wrote: “His book resonates with anyone whose ancestors arrived from abroad to these shores, struggled, moved, married, divorced, succeeded, failed, and in the end became a piece of the American quilt. It’s also a voyage through history, as he cloaks his family’s stories in the broader circumstances of their times.” Earlier in his career, Phil was an award-winning journalist at the Philadelphia Inquirer as a reporter and as an editorial writer where he was a Pulitzer Prize finalist.