Nyali Muir

International Leadership and Transformation Coach; my areas of specialty include 'Health and Wellbeing', 'Leadership and Transformation', and 'Spirituality'. Since age 19 I've moved more than 52 times; I'm 53. I've successfully treated cancer naturally. Currently, I'm healing M.E./CFS and liver disease naturally. During the lockdown, I dislocated my shoulder and put it back in myself. I've coached a Kenyan Olympic Team, South African Paralympic Gold Medallist, head of the UK military, and clients from every other arena of life in between. I've been invited to have my own column in the Oprah magazine. I was offered to host my own Feminine Leadership radio programme with a starting audience of many millions globally. I declined the offer due to my health at the time. My clients are fun, inspiring, and committed to change. They are Leaders, Pioneers, and Badasses. They understand the need for and are ready to commit to up-leveling their lives and positively impacting the world, starting with their own. In working together, we turn my client's longings into dreams, their dreams into projects, and their projects into reality. My mottos include: 'Just ask!', 'My unlimited possibilities mindset is at your service', and 'My faith is my fortitude'. My Mission: to 'Educate, Empower, Support, and Liberate Women everywhere'.