Nikki Chaplin

As a personal development coach, Nikki Chaplin is known for the transformation she brings to her clients. Her no-nonsense approach to uncovering career blocks and releasing paradigms is arguably one of the most effective approaches in helping those who are stuck break free, honor their passion and advance to new levels of achievement. Her greatest satisfaction is to see clients achieve what may at first seem impossible aspirations. As a former corporate manager, she brings with her a wealth of hands-on experience, as well as her ability to focus clients in the areas of their greatest strengths and chief goals. She not only provides the tools and techniques to achieve your goals, but she’s expert at providing guidance in supporting you to set and achieve your goals and, yes experience unlimited abundance.
"My mission is to help fiercely ambitious women create abundance through heart-inspired work and leave a positive legacy while passionately doing their most fulfilling work."
She is an author of three books, and her latest book, “How to Consciously Design Your Ideal Life,” is available on Amazon.