Monica Kunzekweguta

Monica Kunzekweguta was born and raised in Zimbabwe. She moved to the United Kingdom in 1994 and lived there for twenty-one years before moving to Canada, where she now lives. Monica is a multiple best-selling International Author and compiler. She is a Certified Life Coach, International Speaker, and Mastermind facilitator. She compiled her first anthology in 2015, a journey that inspired her to go into publishing. Authors Without Boundaries is a vehicle that allows Monica to use her coaching skills to help people transform as they open-up, and blossom through sharing their life experiences to help others. A lot of her clients have managed to excel in their businesses after sharing their stories. Some have gone to write their solo books and are thriving in their area of interest. Some have managed to stay in Sobriety because sharing their stories enabled them to reflect and choose how they want to live. A Sociology graduate, Monica gained a lot of experience dealing with life’s challenges in the UK, where She worked as a manager in the Mental Health sector for over 15 years. Her resume includes several self-development and leadership Programs such as Consciousness, Creativity, and Connections through the Proctor and Gallagher Institute. Monica believes in continuous learning to serve others better. She just finished compiling her 5th Anthology, Life’s Chrysalis: Stories of Transformation and the Power of Change Volume 2. Her next anthology will be about the Expression of Gratitude. Monica is passionate about empowering the girl child to strive for more and is working on opening a sanctuary to rescue young brides in honor of her young sister Sabina. She had so much potential but died young. She enjoys traveling, reading, watching documentaries, and walking.