Monica Dettori

An optimist. A Nature lover. A creative thinker. A learner of life. A Mindful living practitioner. A Human Potential Coach. A forward-thinking, value-added, and purpose-driven Organisational Development & Transformation specialist who is a catalyst for positive change. Monica fosters a culture of trust & well-being that is conducive to building the company’s resilience & puts the employee's experience at the heart of organisation's growth & long-term sustainability. A collaborative HR Leader, Monica’s mission is for people to engage with their work and the company's journey to growth by leveraging science-led methodologies and coaching whilst designing & harmonising internal practices for higher value creation. Monica sustains human-centric approaches that increase engagement & motivation through fit-for-purpose people solutions with a focus on continuous improvement and human potential utilisation across the organisation. She is passionate about making a measurable contribution to the people she works with, furthering leadership & enhancing the people’s journey to heighten the internal EVP-Employee Value Proposition in alignment with organisational goals, values & shared-purpose.