Minnku Buttar

Award-winning Transformational Facilitator and Energy Healer for Professionals wanting to re-claim Joy, embrace their awesomeness and Full potentials at work and relationships. Helping you show up in your Fearless, Authentic, and Significant self to Shine your light in the greatest way! Other Roles; Moderator: International Radio channels/ Panel discussions; Founder Director: - “Circle of Joy" (Platform for Masterclasses & Retreats - Rewilding with Nature); State President - Karnataka Lifestyle & Fitness Improvement Council, WICCI, Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Director/ Designer: Minkse Fashion Label. On a passionate mission to help people re-introduce Joy in their lives through reflecting and finding solutions for the un-needed storms in their lives. My tutelage under various enlightened Masters, working with numerous energy modalities (Pranic and Tibetan Bowl healing, Phyllis Krystal’s Cutting the Ties that bind), imbibing the learnings from living in nine countries amongst innumerable nationalities, extensive travel opportunities to the most exotic destinations in the world, has brought me to the conclusion that: Our Divine path needs to be a deep dive work that becomes from being “Unconsciously Incompetent to Unconsciously Competent”- AT ALL TIMES – just like breathing air! My mantra: WHAT THE CATERPILLAR Calls the END…. the rest of the world calls a BUTTERFLY, so Dare to show up in your Vulnerable Authentic self anyway!