Michael Friedlander

IN 1979, prior to arriving in Los Angeles, Michael was an attorney in Johannesburg, South Africa. After leaving South Africa, he worked for an international trading company in its London and Zurich offices... After moving to Los Angeles, he was admitted to the California Bar. Since then, his law work has focused on assisting clients in the negotiating and structuring of their national and international business transactions… In the late 1990s, he ventured from the dark side to explore life on the bright side—the world of business. He was then the CEO of three international companies. In 2008, he ventured back to the dark side, where he always belonged... He has written “Detecting the Scam: Nelson Mandela’s Gift,” which highlights how moral authority, common sense and negotiating skills can help detect and avoid scams. Has also written "Come Dance With Me," a diary about life, laughter, finding balance. His latest project is the ""