Melissa Hughes, Ph.D.

Dr. Melissa Hughes is a neuroscience geek, keynote speaker, and author. Her latest book, Happier Hour with Einstein: Another Round explores fascinating research about how the brain works and how to make it work better for greater happiness, well-being, and success. Having worked with learners from the classroom to the boardroom, she incorporates brain-based research, humor, and practical strategies to illuminate the powerful forces that influence how we think, learn, communicate and collaborate. Through a practical application of neuroscience in our everyday lives, Melissa shares productive ways to harness the skills, innovation and creativity within each of us in order to contribute the intellectual capital that empowers organizations to succeed with social, financial and cultural health.
Growing research from cognitive sciences reveals that change really is hard for us. Our brain has naturally evolved to seek out certainty and avoid threats.  So, when change is introduced, it’s both uncertain and threatening.  Even if intellectually, we know...
“He said, she said” Today, diversity is a required dish on the menu of any self-respecting global company. But there’s a problem. While diversity initiatives may look beautiful to shareholders, clients, and the press, it leaves a bad taste in...
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