Maria Chapman

Maria Chapman is a literacy specialist turned freelance writer. Maria specializes in writing about parenting, mental health, education, relationships, and productivity. She uses her 13 years of experience in urban education, her specialization in literacy, parenting five children, her experience thriving with chronic illness, and her work as an instructional coach to write engaging, relatable content. Maria strives to help busy parents and professionals find ways to build successful lives that include time for focusing on health and wellness. She leverages her knowledge of cognitive coaching strategies to create content that is motivating and urges people to make small changes to improve their lives. Maria’s work is featured on, Elephant Journal and on several publications on Medium including The Startup, Fearless She Wrote, Every Child Matters, Productive Thoughts, The Writing Cooperative, and Age of Awareness. Maria also writes fiction, two short stories published on Medium, and she is constructing her first novel. Maria believes that the key to creating engaging and relevant content is to be a continuous learner. She has a reading list longer than her kids’ Christmas lists and is working through it with the help of Audible. She shares updates on her work and some of her favorite authors via her monthly newsletter. When she isn’t reading or writing, Maria enjoys hiking, fitness pursuits, mini-adventures, time with her husband and five children, sitting in the sand with no agenda, and creating innovative meals from the mystery produce box she gets each week. You can follow Maria on Linkedin and Twitter.