Lisa F. Kosak

LISA is a learning and leadership geek who is also a fervent Master Gardener. Her passion for growth and observing phases of development dovetails with her devotion to helping people discover their gifts and use them resourcefully. Lisa’s distinct sense of purpose recognizes the talent of individuals and encourages them to build a repertoire of leadership experiences that will serve to impact others. She has a mentorship approach to working with people and strives to instill in them qualities of servant leadership. Lisa shares her ideologies and thoughts on her leadership blog (see link above) and also has an impact on people through a variety of social media channels. Through her book blog (, Lisa introduces readers to books focused on empowering leaders and growing their leadership influence. Lisa holds a Masters of Management degree in leadership and has 20+ years of experience in leadership, team-building, marketing, and business relationship building. She serves on a variety of non-profit boards and is passionate about bringing others together to proactively foster improvements, effect change, and impact communities in which they live and work. Lisa also manages the social media platforms for some local non-profits and is enthusiastic in promoting endeavors of concerned people to build community.

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