Lisa Cook

Lisa Cook is a connector at heart. Living in seven states, she has built new personal and professional networks throughout her career. In 2007, she moved to Minnesota, a uniquely challenging place to make friends. Long winter months alone hibernating inside like a bear made it a very solitary time. Her deep dive into books to alleviate loneliness revealed a growing nationwide problem with no easy answers. Fast forward to 2020 and pandemic quarantines – increasing loneliness and a social recession are all over the news. There are still no easy answers. In 2010, Lisa launched Plan B Connections to link individuals - especially those living alone – through meaningful conversations and volunteerism. Her TEDx talk, “Living Alone, Living Connected,” highlights her efforts to build community in Minnesota. Additionally, her venture was featured in the book How We Live Now by Dr. Bella DePaulo. Lisa has a law degree and a master’s degree in education. A “Jill of many trades,” she has practiced law with the Federal government, launched an innovative online career center serving 50,000 students worldwide, delivered stress management training to government employees impacted by 9/11, and earned a Courage Coin working for the Red Cross on long-term hurricane recovery efforts. Nicknamed “Mother Terlisa” by a friend, Lisa continuously seeks to connect people in meaningful ways. She currently hosts virtual Plan B Connections conversations for individuals coast to coast via Zoom. Her vision is for individuals living alone to feel supported by a community of friends for a friendly ear and a helping hand.