Asha & Krieshma

Krieshma’s sense of aesthetic is unparalleled. She is an artist at heart always sketching right from school, making a profession out of her passion for jewellery design. After completing her graduation specialising in commerce she went to pursue a professional degree in jewellery design at JDFT and also a diploma programme in Diamond Grading, an in-depth study about diamonds. She strives to attain perfection and has won many awards for her jewellery that are truly breathtaking. Her home is a reflection of her design sensibilities, modern and inviting. In her quest for perfection, she straddles two cities, working with artisans in Mumbai bringing her products to clientele in Bangalore. She artfully blends exceptional craftsmanship with gold, sterling silver, precious and semi-precious gems in miniature timeless sculptures. Jewellery to her is a perfect blend of art and science. Her desire is to create something that her clients will cherish, an heirloom piece that will be treasured for many lifetimes. She draws inspiration from nature in various forms be it abstract or in its most organic form. Asha is a finance professional, a Chartered Accountant by qualification working with Shell. She was heading the Finance Function of Shell's Retail business in India. Currently she manages global finances for Shell's Digital investments for Global Commercial (Lubricants, Aviation and Marine) and Retail businesses. Having known Asha for more than two decades, Krieshma has always wanted to work with her on a platform where both of them could explore their creative skills and bring inspiring stories to the world and that's how LivesLessOrdianry was born. Through "Lives Less Ordinary" – A Lifestyle and people Blog they hope to document people and their unique strengths and contributions to humanity. We try and capture the rainbows of life in the livelihood space, in the creative space and in relationships. As also, writing about people helping to uplift society or surviving a difficult and life-altering experience.