Kenny Weiss

KENNY Weiss is a Coach and Speaker who is at the forefront of the personal development field. Through his own personal journey and nearly 30 years of studying about the role emotions play in our lives, he brings a one of a kind skill set to the individual or business that is looking for more success personally and professionally. For centuries emotions have been avoided so they are our least developed skill, yet every single decision we make is based on emotion and not thought. We literally feel before we think. In addition, we have all been through some sort of trauma. This sets us up to repeat and relive the trauma in every area of our life. I personally repeated mine through multiple addictions, two divorces, a bankruptcy, I played two professional sports I never wanted to play and I contemplated suicide. In other words, I have not only studied this process, I have lived it and overcome it. That has left me with an ability to walk into any room and in a very short time be able to see and feel what emotions are keeping an individual from success and happiness. Kenny’s clients have included, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, individuals and families who have come to agree with what the current science now tells us….. Emotions are at the center of everything we do and therefore, they need to be the first place we look for an answer.