Kathy Marcino

Kathy Marcino is a Business Growth and Communication Coach transforming corporate culture and productivity by providing a multifaceted coaching experience tailored to the personality and communication styles of managers and team members. Building on 20 years of real-life experience in sales management, team building, and marketing in the pharmaceutical industry, Kathy has created a signature brand of coaching where learning about your personal strengths and struggles are not the end of the process but the beginning. This program is designed to foster personal development and improved team dynamics in support of your professional and personal goals. Kathy sees every person through the lens of potential, which is why clients trust her to help them achieve goals ranging from employee engagement and retention, hiring, and optimization of roles within a team to reducing conflict, increasing revenue, and training a salesforce. With a unique blend of personal insight and practical application, Kathy shows people how to work with who they are—capitalizing on their natural strengths and developing strategies to adapt to others for more effective and productive relationships in and out of the workplace.