Karleigh Saunders

I'm Karleigh and I'm seriously so pumped to connect with you. I'm a single mom to my handsome six-year-old prince from a small town in Washington State called Mount Vernon. It's about an hour-ish north of Seattle and about 40 minutes south of the Canadian border. Considering the blue hair, I'm pretty sure it goes without saying that I am far from the "blend in with the crowd" type. I firmly believe that each of us is here for a reason and that reason is completely pointless if we blend in with everyone else. As an Abuse Recovery Coach for women, I am obsessed with helping women see their worth and just how freaking incredible they are. Through breaking the gaslighting cycle, focusing hard on breaking trauma bonds, and teaching survivors how to harness their own incredible magic, I help women find freedom. Freedom from the guilt. Freedom from the fear. Freedom from the anger. Freedom from the disappointment. I was caught in the abusive relationship cycle from the time I was 12-23. Three years ago I truly began my recovery journey and a year ago I decided it was time to go all-in and help other women do the same. I'm the host of the Confidence from the Ground Up podcast, a show dedicated to women who have survived abuse in the past. I not only share tips and encouragement for recovery, but I teach women how to get their life back. Whether someone got out last week or 10 years ago, healing and recovery IS possible. I am extremely passionate about getting this message into the head and hearts of women everywhere. From school-age munchkins to the wise senior women, they all deserve to know their worth, to demand respect, and be treated like the glorious beings they are.

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